Ötzi Trail


8.9 km



Bike recommendation



Length: 8.9 KM

Altitude difference: 1,150 TM

Ascent: per bike or mountain cableway

Bike recommendation:
Enduro, Trail,

Possibility for a stop:
Mausloch hut

Startpoint: Mausloch hut

Best time for travel:
Beginning of May - End of October

Biking technique:

Biking fun:


How it works

Ötzi Trail

Signature Trail in Naturns, South Tyrol

The Ötzi Trail offers first-class biking fun. Flowy as well as tricky parts are spread over countless curves, roots and ledges in the steep forest terrain.

The trail starts at the Mauslochalm. You can reach it either by bike or with the cable car Aschbach. From there, the Ötzi Trail goes straight downhill, first over roots, then over stone fields and ledges, so it requires a high level of concentration. The trail, which owes its name to the man from the eternal ice, is truly not for beginners. Your bike’s brakes are bound to glow here.

Once you have more or less arrived in the valley, the Ötzi Flowtrail follows at the end of the Ötzi Trail as the crowning glory of trail adventure. The trail winds down to the forest tavern in wide sweeps bends and flowing, easy passages.

Signature Trails Package

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Lindenhof Lifestyle DolceVita Resort in Naturns

Ötzi Trail Package

Lindenhof Resort S

Travel period:
26.04.2020 - 08.11.2020

from € 522,00 p.P.

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