Diedamskopf Trail

Bregenz Forest

3.0 km



Bike recommendation


All mountain


Length: 3.0 KM

Altitude difference: 300 TM

Ascent: Mountain cableway

Bike recommendation:
All mountain, Trail, XC,

Startpoint: Mountain station Diedamskopf

Best time for travel:
May - October

Biking technique:

Biking fun:


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Diedamskopf Trail

Signature Trail in Bregenz Forest

The Diedamskopf Trail combines panoramic views, a flowy natural trail and Vorarlberg delights, making it a very special experience.

The access point to the Diedamskopf Trail is already very promising – leading constantly uphill and downhill, the trail meanders through long-drawn-out gentle curves along the slope. Sometimes steeper, then flatter again, and there are also some climb backs. The curve radii alternate just as frequently as the views to the surrounding mountains.

The constantly changing perspectives are absolutely fascinating. The sunlight breaks in many mountain silhouettes and creates various shades of grey – depending on incidence of light and distance. But there are many other colours – the lush green of the alpine meadows, the blue of the sky and the white of the cotton grass.

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